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Sushi Couture

Ventured downtown for dinner back in July… I was craving for some Japanese food and tried out Sushi Couture since I heard that the chef there was a former chef at Japango (one of the better Japanese restaurants in Toronto).

We started off with the usual salad and miso soup (nothing special to write home about). I believe there was a special on Sapporo so I ordered a big pint cause it was awfully humid. Ocean trout sashimi was good; on the lighter side. The Sushi Couture maki (salmon , scallop, tobiko, spicy mayo) was very savoury, against the norm for usual makis. The sushi dinner with butter yaki maki was nice overall. As expected, the butter yaki maki was packed flavours. Gyoza and chicken karaage were sub par; disappointing considering that other dishes were above average.

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