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Emily & Barry’s Engagement
Emily & Barry's Engagement

Congratulations to two of my good friends from high school. I was in Hong Kong for 2 weeks in March to attend another two of my high school friends’ wedding. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend Emily and Barry’s wedding in May. Instead, I was lucky enough to do a pre-wedding photoshoot with […]

Hana & Juno’s Engagement
Hana & Juno's Engagement

A day trip engagement shoot with wonderful weather! I had the pleasure of doing Hana and Juno’s engagement shoot earlier this summer. It started at Humber Bay Park which is right by the lake with a nice view of Toronto’s skyline. Then it was off to Hamilton, the city of waterfalls. Albion Falls, the premier […]

Vivian & Peter’s Engagement
Vivian & Peter's Engagement

About 2 months ago, Peter contacted me and told me that he was getting married. After our days playing on the same basketball team, we haven’t been in touch often during the past couple of years. I was happy to hear the good news and was ecstatic when he asked if I’m interested in shooting […]

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