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Le Le & Tim’s Wedding
Le Le & Tim's Wedding

Had a wonderful time shooting Le Le and Tim’s wedding. From the venue selected for their ceremony, to details in the wedding run-down, it was obvious that a lot of thought was put in. Since I worked with Le Le before, I knew the day was going to be well structured with ample amount of […]

Lydia & Brendon’s Wedding
Lydia & Brendon's Wedding

Autumn breeze with lots of sunshine kickstarted Lydia and Brendon’s wedding day. As the day progresses, it felt like summer all over again with lots of laughter and a great time shooting outdoors at Edward Garden. The weather was definitely cooperating since storm clouds only appeared when it was time to move indoors for the […]

Vivian & Peter’s Wedding
Vivian & Peter's Wedding

Although it was a bit windy and overcasted, everything turned out great for Vivian and Peter’s wedding day. All parts of the day went by without any hiccups and many beautiful moments were captured. It was a lot of fun shooting throughout the entire day as the bridal party, families and friends were amazing people […]

Christine & Ryan’s Wedding
Christine & Ryan's Wedding

Congratulations to my friends Christine and Ryan! I attended their wedding on August 4th at Mandarin Golf Club. The ceremony was beautiful even though we were under the sun in tremendous heat. Everyone had an awesome and memorable time. Best wishes!

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