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Toronto’s Ultimate Burger Showdown
Toronto's Ultimate Burger Showdown

People who know me, know I’m passionate and obsessed about burgers. A while back, I decided I wanted to try out all the burgers Toronto has to offer. After 30+ different burgers; here is my list, and of course my pick(s) for the best burger in Toronto. Not everyone will agree with me, but my […]

Barque Smokehouse
Barque Smokehouse

Best brisket ever! There, I said it. On Friday night, I headed down to Roncesvalle Village to try out what many rated as the best BBQ in Toronto; and it sure didn’t disappoint. We arrived pretty late at 9:45pm (closes at 11), the place was still packed. Luckily, it was only a 15 minutes wait […]

Caplansky’s Delicatessen
Caplansky's Delicatessen

I’ve been to Schwartz’s in Montreal and tried their fatty smoked meat sandwich. It was amazing! Juicy, tender and full of flavour; probably the best smoked meat I’ve ever tasted. I was on a search for something similar in Toronto, and Caplansky’s was a place that many recommended. We had split peas with smoked meat […]

Vivian & Peter’s Engagement
Vivian & Peter's Engagement

About 2 months ago, Peter contacted me and told me that he was getting married. After our days playing on the same basketball team, we haven’t been in touch often during the past couple of years. I was happy to hear the good news and was ecstatic when he asked if I’m interested in shooting […]

Christine & Ryan’s Wedding
Christine & Ryan's Wedding

Congratulations to my friends Christine and Ryan! I attended their wedding on August 4th at Mandarin Golf Club. The ceremony was beautiful even though we were under the sun in tremendous heat. Everyone had an awesome and memorable time. Best wishes!

Sushi Couture
Sushi Couture

Ventured downtown for dinner back in July… I was craving for some Japanese food and tried out Sushi Couture since I heard that the chef there was a former chef at Japango (one of the better Japanese restaurants in Toronto). We started off with the usual salad and miso soup (nothing special to write home […]

Beautiful Day @ Dog Park
Beautiful Day @ Dog Park

I love dogs, but sadly never had the chance to own one (hopefully that will change in the near future). On a beautiful day in July, I had the pleasure of going to an off-leash dog park near Yonge & 19th Ave with a few friends and their Labrador Retrievers (Fluffy & Cookie). After an […]

Volkswagen Golf GTI
Volkswagen Golf GTI

A friend purchased a new VW Golf GTi earlier this year and asked me to do a photoshoot. It was somewhat spontaneous and we shot at a new houses development site up north near Woodbine & Elgin Mills. Weather was great with clear blue skies as a backdrop.

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